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london Limousine Hire Have a Nice Fleet of London Limousines to Hire, From Lincoln Town Cars, to Dodge Chargers, Chrysler 300, which are all 8 seat Standard Limousines, Once you have over 8 people you must hire a 4 x 4 Stretched Limousine which holds up to 14/16 people Maximum by law, it is amazing how many people think you can fit more than 8 people in a Standard Limousine, the laws of Hiring Limousines have changed dramatically, so we have decided to help our customers and explain to you what you can and cant do when you hire a Stretched Limousine.

8 Seat Standard Limousine Like The One Below, These vehicles hold a maximum of 8 people when hiring for weddings this must be reduced down to about 6 passengers, otherwise the bride will have here wedding dress ruined where people are sitting on top of her, and you have to remember these vehicles where built and designed for the American Market, American people or their population are normally alot bigger in size than us in England, so they build bigger for more room, so although the limousine has 8 seat belts if you have 8 grown large men in your party there will not be a lot of room so we strongly advise hiring the 4 x 4 stretched hummers or navigators to give you more leg and arm room and of course a comfortable and smooth ride.

4 x 4 Stretched Hummers And Navigators, below is pictures of these vehicles which hold a Maximum of 14/16 passengers Maximum, please do not ask us to carry more that the legal limit as a flat no will be the answer you will get.


Excursion 14/16 Seat Limousine

London Limo Hire offers a competitive and reliable Limousine And Executive Car Service in London and the surrounding areas, we cover the whole of the London area including Essex, Southend, Cambridge etc.

We also offer vouchers as presents for your loved ones, where you can pay for any of our vehicles on a weekly or monthly basis until you’re agreed hire cost is paid for, then we will send you your voucher in the post which you must then redeem on the day of hire.

we do not accept cash in any of our vehicles, all payments are strictly done by debit or credit card before the booking date and all payments must be met before our vehicles are sent on any booking, All deposits are non refundable so please do not place a booking unless you are prepared to loose your deposit if some of your party pull out of your event or you have simply changed your mind and would rather do something else.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our Web page and hope to hear from you soon

regards London Limo Hire.