Rolls Royce Phantom Hire

Rolls Royce Phantom Hire These Cars are Truly amazing and are ideal for any Event and are available to Hire Minimum Hire Period is Four Hours which will cover most events and the cost will be from £550.00 plus vat.

Rolls Royce Phantom Hire , Perfect And Elegant Ideal Wedding Cars, Are available to hire


Wedding car hire has become so common among the people of diverse customs and cultures for various ceremonies concerned with the wedding. The wedding cars differ so much from the ordinary Cars, Wedding cars are decorated with a large number of ornaments, ribbons,bows and flower garlands which shows the significance of the special occasion.

Wedding car hires are of different types, One is a standard limousine which depicts class and elegance, It consists of a chauffeur in which the newly married couple can spend a luxurious and experience a royal treatment on their special occasion, The other one is the antique Vintage Car which is very beautifully embellished.


To make your priceless fantasies to come true on the day of Your wedding, you can always hire a Vintage Rolls Royce wedding car, You can hire various types of wedding cars and the popular one is the daddy of them all The Rolls Royce phantom wedding car hire.

Rolls Royce has been successfully making cars and auto mobiles for more than a hundred years, Rolls Royce Phantom wedding cars were introduced in the year 2003, with a spacious area inside to accommodate more members other than the bride and the groom, So you do not have to worry about messing Up Your dress.

You will arrive fresh and faster than you expect, It is not the case in many other wedding cars, It will transport the bride and groom safely to the venue.
A Rolls Royce Wedding car with chauffeur helps to run a smoother day, even when any unexpected problems arise, With these advantages, people tend to choose the Rolls Royce phantom cars rather than any other car.

It is not only because of the timely and safer arrival to the venue bit also for the class and importance the car gives to the occasion, They assure the passengers with a grand entrance to the event with its class, style and timeless elegance.
The phantom cars come in different colours Silver,Black, and the most common one is the Silver, The Silver Rolls Royce phantom Wedding car is very beautiful and can be compared to a shadow of the bride coming on the road so smoothly, enchanting the whole set of people who walk on the road.


The limos offer the couple with a high degree of safety and privacy, They have a perfect interior design with curtains, privacy tints, ample legroom and many more, Also they have a very good sound system.

You will be able to hire the car online or by directly contacting the contractor, It is very important to book the cars as soon as possible because of the demand and the popularity of the wedding cars. If the wedding is in the spring or the summer, it is advised to book 6 months in advance.

People are advised to book in person rather than online or on the phone, because you can have a look at the cars and also you will be able to choose which one may best suit the occasion. The Rolls Royce Phantom cars will definitely make any occasion like weddings, anniversary or Special Occasions more memorable.

We have Rolls Royce Phantoms In Available Colours From White Rolls Royce Phantom , Silver Rolls Royce Phantom, And Sky Blue Rolls Royce Phantom all available To Hire And We also have Vintage Cars available To Hire On Request.


Choosing Your Perfect Rolls Royce Phantom Wedding Car 

Choosing a wedding car for the most important day of your life cannot be left to chance. Some people see it as the least complicated part of the wedding arrangement and may even leave their partner to organise it by himself. This is not a good idea. Both of you should be happy with the choice of car. It is no good your fiance hiring the sports car of his dreams, which will impress his friends, but leave you squashed and unable to move.

A bride needs space to be able to sit comfortably in her wedding dress and to be able to move easily to pose for the wedding photographer for in-car pictures. Here are a few simple tips for booking limousine wedding cars.

Inspecting The Car
Beware of hire companies who do not show current photos of their own cars. Some unscrupulous wedding limousine hire companies will take photos from other people`s sites and pass them off as their own. Make sure the car they show on their site is the one you will get, including the ribbons and quality of finish that is shown. A reputable company will also allow you to inspect the vehicle before you make a decision. Don`t be fobbed off. You need to be able to get inside the car and see if it is suitable. Look for professional customer service. If the company cannot provide this before the event, they are unlikely to provide it on the day.

Keep It Classy
Simple adornments to the car should be decided in advance. It is best to keep things simple and opt for white or cream ribbons on the bonnet, with perhaps bows on the door handles. Any more than this and your car will start to be overwhelmed by flounces. Keep it classy. The couple and the car should be the star. Fresh flowers inside the car are sometimes offered as an option, but are not essential. They will be seen for a very short period of time.

Your wedding chauffeur should be unflappable. It is an important role and one requiring tact, patience and professionalism. Make sure you meet your chauffeur before the big day. In the rush and excitement of the wedding day, things can go wrong, nerves become frayed, things forgotten. Your chauffeur will have seen all this before and understand it. He should remain calm and help you get comfortable in the vehicle before setting off, making sure you have everything you need. He should help you out of the car at the wedding venue, making sure your dress is not caught or damaged. A good wedding chauffeur is priceless, but is not something many people consider. Make sure the drivers your wedding limousine company offer are experienced, polite, respectful and calm. They should dress in traditional attire, grey or charcoal suit, white shirt and tie and chauffeur`s hat and smart shoes. Do not accept anything less than this. It will ruin the effect. The bride must feel like a princess for the day and doesn`t want to be driven by somebody wearing trainers.

Be Reasonable
If you want a particular car, make sure you plan well ahead, so that you can secure it. Good cars are snapped up, especially in peak wedding times. Make sure you are totally happy with the car hire company and can speak to someone on a landline at any point in the run up to the big day. If you are not happy, say so. Equally, don`t be over-demanding or unreasonable.

Wedding hire car companies may have booked out limousines for other events, through companies such as Boxoffice London. Most cars will have very minor defects unless they have just rolled off the forecourt, although professional companies are extremely protective of their vehicles! If you stick to a principle of mutual respect, whilst keeping the expectation of professionalism to the forefront of your mind, both parties should be happy.

Rolls Royce Phantom Wedding Car Hire